Monday, 25 June 2012

The Elements: What Are They?

Good Evening my friends!

Why don't you pull up a chair and brew a pot of your favourite tea and sit a while? I feel like Chatting about the Elements today.

When people talk about the elements we each have our own unique view of what each element is, what I see as being Earth may not be exactly how you feel earth should be and vice versa.

For those of you that are new to the craft you may like to know which elements we're talking about. Its not the periodic table of elements that you may have learnt in school but the elements that make up all of creation; of which there are five:

  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Spirit
These are what many may refer to as the Cardinal Elements for each one is represented by a direction on the compass, in some traditions, these are as follows:

  • Air - East
  • Fire - South
  • Water - West
  • Earth- North
  • Spirit-  The Fifth all encompassing direction or the central point
Now like people the elements have many varying aspects of personality, what an element may be used for or viewed as one day may be completely opposite the following day. Like all life they change with the seasons and have their own ways of being 'alive' in the world.

To truly connect to the elements I believe that you have to experience them in the world before you can truly understand them. For example how can you know what a raging sea is like when you have never been on a fishing boat off the east coast in winter? Or know what the scent of a summers meadow is at dawn unless you've been there and got the t-shirt? Now just so we understand each other, my friends, I am not asking you to walk into a burning building or into a Tornado, some sides of the elements are best viewed at a distance for as much as an element can create in can destroy just as fast.

It is my belief that no element can exist without the others for as much as they battle against each other they also allow each to thrive. i.e. Water feeds Earth which feeds Fire which feeds Air which feeds Water and together they feed spirit or life.

I would never say that one element is stronger than another as all have their strengths and weaknesses and there is a fine balance of power between them, There is no Fire that Air cannot blow out or water quench, no rock that cannot be worn away by water or Air etc.

I am not going to dwell on the meanings of the elements and recite to you what I see them as being for the lesson I would like you to go away with today is that in order to work with the elements you must truly know them to understand the meanings you give to them, so get out into the world and experience them for all of their benevolence and destruction.

Brightest Blessings My Friends,


Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Definition of Magick

Good Afternoon my friends,

Pull up a chair and a pot of your favourite tea and get comfortable. Should you wish to sit a while I am going to share some of my beliefs and theories with you today.

First I'll introduce myself. My Name is Martin but you, my friends,  may call me Grizzly. I began my journey down the off the beaten path over a a decade ago now. I would have been thirteen at the time and full of the joys and misadventures that youth brings practising things I didn't quite understand or wish too, all in all I was a misguided teenager with authority issues and a passion for throwing myself head deep into the unknown.

Since that time I have grown both in age, maturity and knowledge and I remember those times being young as a learning curve. For all my folly's it taught me how not t act and how I should respect and nurture the world around me.

Anyhow I ramble about my past and you have come to listen to me talk about Magick.

One of the hardest possible things a person once asked me is "What is the definition of  Magick?" and to this day I can still only give a loose answer. For me magick is not something that can be pin pointed down and defined like we can ordinary objects, the best and most truthful answer I can give is:

Magick is the use of the Energy around us; to help us in our personal experiences and to gain new and deeper understandings of the world around us. Magick does not have to be an Arcane exercise in Occult powers it can simply be watching the sun rise and fall, contemplating the scent of flowers or getting lost in the bird songs at dawn.

For me that is the best and most complete answer I can give to the question of Magick's definition for it is such a broad and deep subject that it can vary from person to person. It would be nice to hear from you, my friends, on what definition you give to magick, for it's not something that many people venture to but out there. 

There are also those who seek to pull down our beliefs by telling us that we must not be practising the right kind of magick, but what is this right kind of magick? when asked this, you often get vague responses of hyped up media filled pile of fudge that Hollywood have a lot to answer for. Yes I like The Craft as much as any Practitioner but I'm not one for practising what I see on T.V.

Now my friends, like yours my tea cup is empty so I will bid you farewell and a pleasant afternoon until next we meet.